Palamount Chief Kawinga has pleaded with government to act swiftly on a standoff over dress code between Christians and Muslim-run schools in Machinga.

‘’Majority of school –going children in Machinga are at home despite the school being open now. This is happening due to a standoff between Christians and Muslim-run education institutions over dressing code,’’ said Kawinga.

School such as Mpiri Roman Catholic Primary School remain closed owing to the misunderstanding.

The chief fears for the worse among school –going children especially girls if the issue remains unresolved

Deputy Minister of Education, Madalitso Kambauwa-Wirima says the ministry is current waiting for a report from the Public Affairs Committee [PAC] who is handling the matter.

Meanwhile PAC, spokesperson Bishop Gilford Matonga says consultations on the matter are almost done.

‘’PAC has almost  completed consultants on the impasse ,at the moment we are  waiting for the task force which was instituted to come up with recommendations and share with  Ministry of education  on way forward,’’ said Bishop Matonga.

Mpiri Primary school owned by the Roman Catholic Church and is completely closed in Machinga District.

School authorities and Muslim communities there continue to disagree on the wearing of Hijab at the Catholic.



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