Ministry of Civic Education and Unity brings back civics in school syllabus after strong recommendations.

Minister of Civic Education and Unity Timothy Mtambo said the bringing back of Civics back in classes will promote patriotism and unity.

This comes amid growing cases of mob justice, attacks of people with albinism and infightings as well as cultural rejections of the Covid 19 vaccine a thing that has sparked debates about patriotism and a need for civic education.

Meanwhile Civics was a subject taught in Malawi schools during one party MCP dictatorship but it was abolished and currently most lessons are included in social studies.

According to Mtambo re introducing the subject will go a long way in ensuring that people are more responsible and exercise unity at all times.

‘’Besides , there is need  to enforce some laws that deal with people who take the  law into their  hands  because  failure to routinely do that  has led to cases of mob  justice,’’ said Mtambo.






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