A local Malawian company Meatco a subsidiary of Africa cattle ranch has underscored the need for Malawians to embrace buying the high quality locally made products.

According to the company, people in the country should not be carried away with the influx of foreign products entering the country.

Meatco is in food processing and specializes in meat sausages, chicken, offals and other related products.

The company opened its doors on 30 September 2019 in Blantyre with the main objective to provide quality halaal meat and an excellent food eating restaurant facility in every of its branches.

In an interview with face of Malawi online publication human resources manager for Meatco Danyal Chindamba said that Malawians should support and buy locally made products.

He also said that there are more than 6,000 people that visit the Meatco branches per month.

Meatco has now become a family meeting point where people have lunch as the service is the fastest in town and saves time and money.

According to Chindamba currently meatco company has two shops one in Chichiri and another one in Blantyre with about 100 employees.

On his part the economical expert who is also a lecturer at polytechnic university Dr Betchani Tcheleni has also seconded with Meatco Company on the need for the Malawians to embrace buying the locally made products.

According to Dr Betchani Tcheleni this is the only way how the country can develop economically.

According to Tcheleni if the local companies are well supported they will employ a lot of people in the process addressing the job scarcity challenge among the people.

Meanwhile Dr Tcheleni has pleaded with the government to speed up it’s 40 to 60 policy in awarding of the government contracts to the Malawian business people.

Dr Tcheleni therefore said that the country’s economy can grow tremendously.

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