ZIMBABWE – A self-proclaimed prophet of the Johanne Masowe WeChishanu, Madzibaba Rakeni Gumbira of Chiwaridzo in Bindura is reportedly suffering from a mental illness after he led a group of people for a 3 day prayer session in a sacred mountain, Newsday reports.

Gumbira and his prayer group were said to have gone for prayer at Jeta Mountain which is located in Nyakudya village in Masembura communal lands last week, and he started showing signs of insanity when he came back.

He appeared before Chief Masembura’s traditional court last week to answer to the Chief why he was violating the sacred mountain. However, nothing concrete would come out of Gumbira at the trial as it was evident that he was not well mentally according to the publication.

His younger brother reportedly told the court that even Gumbira’s wife was hallucinating ever since she came home from the prayers.

At the traditional court in question, Gumbira was reportedly hallucinating and continuously hitting himself while his wife was said to have been in a trance.

Chief Masembura demanded that the church pay his court a cow and a goat for Gumbira’s condition to be cured.

He reportedly also demanded that the party that was trespassing at the sacred mountain for religious purposes give him goats as a fine for trespassing their mountain without seeking permission from the mountain’s custodians.

Credit: Newsday

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