Ndarama High School bursar, Henry Chivhanga (52) was recently dragged to court facing rape charges.

This comes after he allegedly invited a Form 4 student to school on a Saturday and had sex with her without consent or a condom.

Chivhanga who is a well-known human rights activist appeared before Magistrate Bishard Chineka last Tuesday.

It is in the States case that around November 2016 on an unknown date, the accused had sex with the complainant without her consent.

Chivhanga allegedly called the complainant who had just finished writing her last O Level paper pretending to bid farewell to her. All along the accused is said to have been advising the complainant on carrier guidance.

While in the office, it started raining and Chivhanga allegedly stood up from his seat and locked the door. He then advanced to where the complainant was seated and fondled her breasts.

The complainant screamed for help but her cry for help was all in vain as no one heard her.

The accused allegedly forced her to lie on the table, removed her skin jean, and pants, opened her legs, removed his trousers before he raped her.

The complainant who is now 20 is studying at one of the local universities.

Magistrate Bishard Chineka postponed the case to April 8, 2021.

Meanwhile, according to The Mirror, the crime was committed five years ago and it is still not yet clear why the case was delayed.

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