Castel Malawi plays down fears that it is phasing out the Carlsberg’s products. Since the company took over from the Carlsberg Company Castel Malawi has been launching various products on the market.

Speaking in Blantyre on Wednesday night the managing director for Castel Malawi Herve Milhade said that the introduction of the new products on the local market will not in any way going to phase out the Carlsberg’s brands.

According to Castel Malawi it will continue producing Carlsberg’s products like Sobo. Last year in November the Castel Malawi launched 3 products on the market.

Yesterday the Castel Malawi also launched another product called Topell a new beer raising fears among the people that Castel Malawi is phasing out the Carlsberg brand.

However Milhade has beamoned the high inflation saying has disrupted market share opportunity and adherence to price.

The Managing director therefore said that the Malawi market is saturated with a range clear offerings with similar ABUS taste profiles and packing.

In this regard Castel Malawi in January 2021 expanded it’s distribution nationally as a response.

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