Center for Democracy and Economic Development (CDEDI) has described President Chakwera as a “time waster and a joker” after the president failed to release the most anticipated cabinet last night.

On Monday, during weekly press briefing, presidential spokesperson Brian Banda said the restructured cabinet will be out on Wednesday as the president and his vice Saulos Chilima concluded assessing performance of the current Ministers.

However, last night as Malawians were waiting for the announcement of new cabinet, Banda said the announcement will take a little longer than anticipated.

“Given that the reports are as substantial as the President’s review is thorough, the completion of the task will take a few more days longer than anticipated.

“Even so, the President is now fully seized of the matter and will release his Cabinet the instant he completes this sacred duty in a manner that conforms to the Constitution,” reads the statement in part.

In a statement seen by Face of Malawi, CDEDI said that the request by Chakwera for extra time to finish working on the cabinet assessment is a clear indication that Malawians have a time waster and a joker in the high office.

“President Lazarus Chakwera’s request for extra time to enable him scrutinize his cabinet has vindicated the Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) that Malawians have a time waster and a joker in the high office of the presidency,” CDEDI Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa said.

Namiwa further said that Malawians are tired with what he said drama from the two leaders.

“Let Dr. Chilima and Dr. Chakwera know that Malawians are tired of their comedy. What Malawians are anxiously waiting for from the two leaders are results, results, and results, and not jokes befitting Fools Day, which is today, 1st April,” Said Namiwa.

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