There was drama in Glen View on Saturday after a landlady removed doors and roofing sheets from her house to force defaulting tenants to pay rentals.

The incident left four children sleeping in the open as the landlady demanded that the children’s mothers pay up.

Two sisters only identified as Tsitsi and Mai Chelsea confirmed their failure to pay rentals for the past nine months arguing that Covid-19 negatively affected their sources of income.

Their effort to seek protection from Glen View police hit a brick wall when law enforcement agencies referred them to the rent board for determination of their case.

Tsitsi and Mai Chelsea initially hired three men to stop the removal of doors and roofing sheets but the landlady identified as Mai Diza arrived in the company of a stronger team ordering the removal.

Mai  Diza said the two gave excuses for the past nine months and for the past three years they have not been paying water and electricity bills.

“It is better for them to look for alternative accommodation,” she said.

Tsitsi said her mother who is based in South Africa had not been sending them money as she used to do due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown which has affected her incomes.

She also said Mai Diza came in the company of some men and removed roofing sheets and doors after she refused to accept their payment of US$45 for the three rooms they rent and left them exposed.

Reports indicate that that the victims took the matter to the police and we were referred to the rent board.

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