People from Chololo in the area of T/A Jalavikuwa in Rumphi went on the rampage demolishing houses and destroying crop fields of people they suspect had a hand in the death of one Christopher Kanyenda on March 6th this year.

This took place on Sunday morning hours.

This came after the body was exhumed at the request of the family for a fully autopsy which was conducted by pathologist Dr. Charles Dzamala to ascertain the cause of the death.

A fracas erupted as the autopsy was underway.

Meanwhile some members of the community attacked the suspect for allegedly poisoning kanyenda.

Rumphi Police spokesperson, Henry Mnjere says police are on the ground investigating.

Meanwhile brother to the deceased, Marveous Kanyenda, says the family will make public results of the autopsy once Dr.  Dzamalani reports back





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