Just when you think you have finally figured out the basics of adulting, you will be surprised to learn that your house is filled with objects that you have been using all wrong. From kitchen gadgets to beauty products, you might not be using your things to their full potential.

Here are a few everyday items that can be used in ways you never expected.

  1. The compartment at the bottom of your stove

Do you know that compartment at the bottom of your stove? The one most of us ignore because we don’t see any need for it (some stoves don’t have it). It’s actually a warming drawer meant to keep hot foods at serving temperature. The next time you need to keep dinner warm or don’t want your pizza getting cold, simply turn on the oven and pop your feast in the warming drawer.

  1. Peeling ripe bananas

Peel bananas from the bottom, not the top. The best way to peel bananas is actually to start at the bottom, not the stem. This method goes with the “grain” of the banana and gets rid of those stringy bits. It’s actually the way that monkeys peel bananas.

  1. Using a straw in a soda can

If you’re trying to use a plastic straw in a fizzy can of soda, you’re going to have a bad time. Unless, of course, you slide the straw through the top hole of the soda can tab. The tab will keep your straw from floating out of the can and you’ll look like a low-key genius.

  1. The hole in the handle of your pans

You’ve probably been using the hole at the end of your cooking pot’s handle to hang it up. You wouldn’t be wrong to use it in this way, but there’s a lesser-known use for that hole. Depending on the handle of your cooking spoon, you can insert the end into the hole to prop it up in a way that will keep your counters and stovetop clean and shiny.

  1. Arrow on the gas gauge in your vehicle

Every driver who’s borrowed or rented a car knows too well the stress that erupts when you go to fill the gas tank and have no idea which side of the car it’s on. Turns out we’re all partially blind. Because there has always been a little arrow on the gas gauge pointing to which side the gas tank is on.

  1. Aluminum foil box

Everyone knows the struggle that is keeping your cardboard aluminum foil or plastic wrap boxes intact. The roll will fall out, you will never cut the perfect tear, and the box will fall apart well before you’ve used up the roll.  Apparently, we’ve all been blind to the simple genius that is these two tabs on each side of the box that will hold the roll in place when you push them inward! Life-changing.

  1. The caps of ointment tubes or creams

Tubes of creams and ointments have the tiniest seal ever covering the opening when you first open them. It’s impossible to open without using a small sharp tool. But did you know that the cap comes with that sharp tool already? When you open the tube, just flip over the cap and stick the pointed end through the seal and you’re good to go.

  1. Bobby pins

If you’ve ever used bobby pins, you’ve probably used them wrong. Most people place them in their hair with the flat side towards their scalp. But, putting the ridged side down actually helps with grip.

  1. The hole in your spaghetti spoon

Turns out the hole in the middle of your spaghetti spoon isn’t to drain out the water but that hole actually measures a perfect serving of pasta.

  1. The toilet plunger

Guess what? There are two different plungers, each having a different purpose. Cup plungers (which most people use for toilets; pictured below) are actually meant for unclogging sinks. Flange plungers are what you should be using in your toilet.


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