In a heart-wrenching development, a 17-year-old mother allegedly threw her 2-year-old daughter into the Tugwi River after having a misunderstanding with her younger brother.

The Nyevedzani Community of Chivi has been left in shock after it emerged that the young 17-year-old mother (name not supplied)  threatened to take her own life before she threw her daughter into the river.

According to the states media, the incident only came to light after her grandmother, Esther Mujere reported the matter to the police.

It is in the States case that on the first of this month, the accused had a misunderstanding with her 16-year-old brother over relationship issues. Her younger brother allegedly reprimanded her for alleged promiscuity.

However, during the altercation, the accused is alleged to have threatened to commit suicide and it is further alleged that after the argument, she took her two-year-old daughter and threw her into the Tugwi river.

The accused was arrested in connection with her daughter’s death. She has been remanded in custody to the 16th of this month.

Meanwhile, the infant’s body is yet to be recovered.

In another related incident, in a suspected case of domestic violence 44-year-old, Elias Tokoda of Chivi district allegedly assaulted his wife to death.

Allegations are that on the 31st of last month, at around 11 pm, the accused allegedly assaulted his wife, Josephine Gutsa accusing her of allowing their stepdaughter to engage in promiscuity.

Gwezhira allegedly beat up his wife using a rubber whip until she fell unconscious.

The accused handed himself to the police after realizing that his wife had died.

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