In new from US, A doctor, his wife and two of their grandchildren were among five people fatally shot in a South Carolina home late Wednesday, the police said.

A suspect was found at a home near the shootings in the city of Rock Hill, S.C., and taken into custody, Trent Faris, a spokesman for the York County Sheriff’s Office, told reporters on Thursday.

The police were serving a search warrant at that home, he said.

The motive for the shooting was unclear. Officer Faris said there was no evidence of an accomplice.

The sheriff’s office, in a post on Twitter, identified four of the people killed as Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife, Barbara, and two of their grandchildren. The website of a medical office where he worked said that Dr. Lesslie, 70, and his wife had eight grandchildren.

The fifth person who was fatally shot, James Lewis, had been working at the home. A sixth victim was taken to a hospital with serious gunshot wounds, Officer Faris said.

Police officers did not give further information as investigation is still ongoing.

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