The Malawi Postal Cooperation has started implementing a turnaround strategy in order to refurbish the performance of the parastatal.

Acting Post Master General Zacheus George Meke confirmed the development on Friday, April 9 that apart from the introduction of Post Buses, they intend to introduce city buses, taxis,  and establish a Post Bank in order to achieve economic sustainability digital wallet payment systems.

However, Meke concedes the economic hiccups because the parastatal is overstaffed with around 824 employees.

Meke further disclosed that it is also pathetic that some post offices especially those situated in rural areas are not generating adequate money with some raising as low as only K5,000 in three months.

The cooperation however is forced to keep them because it is within their mandate in line with the universal postal obligations to discharge those services.

Acting Post Master General attributed this as the reason they have started implementing the USD 51 million turnaround strategies including the Postal Buses and Courier services.

Among others, the cooperation has also been conducting post bus promotions where it has been giving out material and money prizes to various people to increase visibility.

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