Kabaza operators in Ntcheu who did not properly clear their motor cycles have agreed to pay Customs duties to the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

This follows a meeting held at Biriwiri Border Station where MRA officials met representatives of the Kabaza operators in the district.

In the agreement, MRA will conduct valuation of all un-cleared motor cycles and thereafter the operators would be required to pay the taxes due to Government.

Chairman of the Kabaza group, Keston Jastin, said they will abide by the law by paying Customs duties to MRA in the same way they pay rates to Ntcheu District Council.

“We collect rates on behalf of the council from Kabaza operators. So, it will be easy for us to do the same with MRA. In other words, we will enforce payment of the taxes amongst ourselves and fully comply with the provisions of the law,” he added.

The agreement follows enforcement operations MRA has been conducting in the district where the Authority seized 43 un-cleared motor cycles.

Manager for Biriwiri Border Station, Mathews Kalima, said the seizure of the motorcycles followed the expiry of a grace period agreed in November 2020.

“We engaged the Kabaza operators in November 2020 and emphasised the need to clear the motor cycles. The grace period expired in January 2021. We extended it to April but they were not forthcoming hence the seizure,” he added.

Legislator for Ntcheu West Constituency, Simon Salambula, who facilitated the agreement between the two sides, said Kabaza operators should pay Customs duties to MRA in line with the law.

He added that while Kabaza operators were providing a reliable means of transport to the rural mases they have an obligation to pay taxes to enable the Government provide good road network and other social services.

The Deputy Commissioner Customs & Excise responsible for Operations, Abigail Kawamba, who graced the meeting said she was excited with the commitment the Kabaza operators made.

She then appealed to all business people in the country to comply with the tax laws in order to avoid penalties.

Other senior officials from the district who attended the meeting apart from MRA staff, were from the Malawi Police Service, Ntcheu District Council and Kabaza motor cycle representatives.

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