One of the fastest growing Pasada and RnB upcoming artists Wangata Mw, real name Steve Jacob is set to release his first Extended Playlist (EP) tittled Broken Heart.

Wangata said the EP will be ready in March as all everything is now set for the EP to be released.

”All is set for my EP which is to be released in March this year. The EP is called Broken heart just as the songs contain messages of how people lose hope once they lose their loved ones , parents, it’s a nice EP everyone will love”, Said Wangata.

Wangata who entered into the music industry in 2016 and now being in the industry for six years, released his two most played songs titled Chotsa mantha and Umphawi which made him  named the best Afro pop artist of the year, 2019. The event was organized in Balaka by Agrippa Pupa Bonongwe.

“Following my activeness and effort in Music industry, I became a best Afro pop artist of the year 2019 in Balaka in an event organized by Agrippa Pupa Bonongwe. This added in me effort and courage and not to give up” He said.

Despite being an upcoming artist,  Wangata has also shared Stage with Blaze, Mwanache and Sir Patricks. Worked together with the prominent producers Tak Tik, Truchip of audio 9 records, Kings of Extraordinary records and Acentripa.

“As an upcoming artist, I have also worked with my fellow upcoming artists like J recks, Lusem, Tin Ton, Liccy and Taffie SoulSinger. I love working with my fellow artists”, He added.

In a separate interview, Wangata said the new EP, Broken heart will have good songs Ndilipo Ndalema and too late just as the name suggests and most of the songs have been planned to deliver messages of encouragement, motivation and love.

“The EP has carried good songs where people well get entertained, encouraged as well motivated. As the name suggests, some of the songs have messages whereby I am encouraging people not to give up early as the situation gets tough.They should fight until they win”, said Wangata.

Commenting on the EP to be released, his producer at Audio 9 Records, Truchip real name Ishuma Ngomano said the EP has been well mixied and balanced and people should expect to enjoy and listening to well-balanced songs.

“As a producer who knows music from the beginning, I assure all Malawians and Wangata’s fans to enjoy well balanced songs from this EP. We have spent time to make the EP viable and people should just get ready to enjoy the EP”, Said Truchip.

On top of being an artist, Wangata Mw is also a second year student in welding and Fabrication at Khwisa Technical College. His another goal is to become a welder as he do not believe in formal employment. He is also being trained in Modelling and photography.

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