A 34 year old woman, Mary Germany, who was hit last Monday by one of vehicles on a Lands minister’s convoy is calling on government and other well wishers to come to her rescue as she is battling with her life and finds it difficult to find her ends met.

Germany says since her admission to the hospital, no Government official has visited her or offered her any assistance, saying she also needs justice for her case.

The woman is left with a broken arm and leg.

Ministry of Lands spokesperson Enock Chingoni is yet to comment on the matter.

Malawians have taken to social media to condemn the said Minister for abandoning the woman.

Drews Vic Muntiz wrote: “Where on earth can the whole government minister abandon a person just like that? Even the wicked museven compensated someone for their chicken hit by the old man’s convoy!! Shame to our selfish leaders!!!! You dont deserve to be our leaders.”

Concurring with Muntiz remarks, David Warren Mkandawire wrote: “Too much of reckless driving on our very poor roads. It’s high time the government introduces road accident fund for the hefty compensations to such victims.”

Meanwhile it is yet to be seen if Minister of lands Kezzie Msukwa will assist the woman.

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