A woman in Zimbabwe was arrested by police after she reportedly ganged up with her son to assault and kill a vendor whom she accused of stealing her blankets.

The suspect Sekai Simango (41) of Mahachi village under Chief Musikavanhu is reported to have assaulted Joe Makaya Bapaya (39) to death accusing him of theft.

After committing the crime, the suspect allegedly threw Bapaya’s body into a disused well and covered it with rubble, soil and trees leaves.

Simango appeared before magistrate Franklin Mukwananzi facing murder.

She was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to April 26.

Public prosecutor Timothy Katsande told court that on March 26 at around 1630 hrs, at Mahachi village, Chief Musikavanhu, Bapaya was passing through Simango’s homestead selling some curtains.

Simango allegedly confronted Bapaya accusing him of stealing blankets from her homestead, claims which the latter denied.

She reportedly became violent and struck Bapaya several times on the head and all over the body using an iron bar.

Simango was joined by her son, Gaza Sithole who is still at large to assault Bapaya, who died as a result of the attack.

The suspect pulled Bapaya’s body and threw it into a disused well close to her homestead.

She allegedly filled the disused well with rubble, soil and tree branches to cover up the offence.

The body was later discovered and retrieved in a state of decomposition on April 7 by police with assistance from the local community.

Simango was also arrested for the crime.

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