Prophet Shepherd Bushiri on Tuesday successfully defended his research paper in fulfilment of the bachelor’s degree he has been studying the past four years at the University of Lilongwe.

Writing on his Facebook page, Bushiri said he is humbled by the grace of God that he successfully defended his research paper to the University of Lilongwe, thereby putting the final stamp of requirement for my degree in Business Administration (BBA).

The title of his RESEARCH is “An Assessment of the Utilization of Business Enterprise Management Models in Pentecostal Churches in Malawi.”

According to Bushiri, his paper mainly focused on two things:

“To assess the extent to which Pentecostal ministries are utilizing the principles and practices of Business Management models especially the Planning model in Malawi in comparison to other successful church ministries,” he said.

The other area was to explore church leadership views on the utilization of the Planning Model in the management of church ministry.

“Despite this research being academic in nature, I believe it can and will be utilized by those struggling with business growth, whether in religious circles or any other fields.

“I must say it was challenging doing this research as it was done during difficult circumstances. Nevertheless, I thank God that it was done. I also recognize the great supervision from my supervisors and all those who motivated this journey,” he said.

Bushiri said believe that education is the premise of progress in every society and in every family and an investment in knowledge always pays the highest interest.

He has since said his studies should encourage anyone that no matter what you are passing through, pursue knowledge.

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