By Chisomo Phiri

Castel Malawi has  announced the introduction of new brand packaging for its three sprit beverages, Malawi Gin, Premier Brandy and Malawi Vodika (bottle and level) replacing the old brand packaging which was introduced in 1965.

“Once upon a time in 1965, Malawi gave birth to three children, Malawi Gin, Premier Brandy and Malawi Vodika. As they grew, they became parent of the rich heritage of the country. The love for these three treasures could not be contained and so they travelled across the world leaving a piece of happiness in every sip.

For over 50 years they have stood the test of time and now we unleash the spirit of Malawi in a bold new look”, reads the statement the management has issued.

According to the management, the new brand packaging has a transparent label, Image of a fisherman on Lake Malawi, Embossed bottle with words Castle Malawi under, a 750ml shoulder bottle and a sealed screw cap.

Castle Malawi is further informing the general public that these appearances have not affected the change of quality and taste of the spirits, saying these remain the same.

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