“Men makes better decisions after ejaculation”, According to study


Paris, France: A team of French doctors and scientists collaborated with other progressive groups of researchers from the European Union for a 10-year-long study about male ejaculation, lack thereof, and its effect on men’s rational decision-making. They had concluded that ejaculation is essential for better decision-making.

The study followed over 2000 men across Europe from all walks of life. Doctors, Lawyers, College students, single and married, etc. It is hard to think that ejaculation has any effect on your mind, but this study found out it is quite the opposite. Even a soccer player is more likely to make decisions that lead to more team goals if they had released themselves before the big match.

Men who had released are also 90% less likely to get into an argument or fight. They make better decisions and barely ever say they regretted doing something; on the other hand, the non-releaser act on impulse. They would say things they don’t mean and put their lives and jobs in jeopardy.

Some of the biggest corporates in Europe funded this study, and since 2015 most executives are required to nut before they enter the boardroom or before they fire or hire someone. The study found that bosses who had not released before hiring a person are more likely to hire someone they find s_xy than a person more qualified for the job.

Most companies who are already using the nut-first policy had seen significant growth in the past five years. “I can guarantee you that only leaders who were not frequently releasing are the ones who started wars in the past. I was always rude in the office, I hired the wrong people, and I had to keep on firing them.” Said, Rudolph an executive in one of the companies that adapted Nut-First policy in Germany. “The policy is just on the pilot phase, so the public does not know this, and we fear the people will not welcome it. The recommendation for having a Nut-Pod in the office building will be ridiculous.”

Head of the research, Pete Levi, believes that if we want a better world for all married men should make it their obligation to make love in the morning before work, and single men should pleasure themself before going out to the world. “Let’s face it, men are running the world, and they are running it from their scrotums instead of their brains. After a simple nut, your mind is refreshed, and most of the bad decisions you could have made will sound stupid after that. I challenge all men that when every they have to make a big decision they should nut and then they’ll make the best decision, works every time.”

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