President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera today held an audience with Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, popularly known as P.L.O at Mtunthama State Lodge.

Last month Professor PLO Lumumba requested an audience with Chakwera over his emotional eulogy of John Pombe Joseph Magufuli who died of heart problems.

Lumumba described Chakwera’s eulogy as “the most powerful tribute ever made to an African leader.”

“It was the most powerful, in my view the most touching ever made. It is a funeral oration which history must record as one the most greatest funeral orations of all time,” elaborated the celebrated Pan-Africanist.

The Pan Africanist then requested an audience with Chakwera to request him president to be in the forefront of the leadership of a new Africa hence the meeting.

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