The Human Rights Defenders Coalition [HRDC] has warned the Malawi government to tread carefully on the implementation of its order to relocate refugees and asylums seekers back to Dzaleka refugee camp.

The human rights watchdog fears the action may spark xenophobia against the refugees if the government does not handle the matter carefully.

Malawi government last week issued a 14-day ultimatum to 2000 refugees illegally living outside the camp to return to their base.

The Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda cited the national security as one of the reasons behind the relocation of the foreign migrants from previous and current war torn countries.

However, HRDC Chairperson Gift Trapence asked the Malawi Government to ensure that it is not promoting xenophobic attacks against foreigners.

Trapence also cited that the government should make sure that they allow people who have legal documents of doing business and residence to stay.

‘’ Government should adhere to principles of human rights as they are implementing their action .It is important to comply with international refugees law. Refugees are one of the most vulnerable groups as such government should make sure that they execute the actions within the laws of this  country and international refugee law,’’ said Trapence.

Meanwhile on Tuesday the refugees and asylum seekers who are living outside the Camp, leaded with the Malawi Government to rescind its decision to relocate them back to Dzaleka Refugee camp.

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