As India continues battling a deadly 3rd wave of Covid-19, the Health rights campaigners in the country have advised the government to put in place guidelines that aim at restricting traveling to and from the country.

According to the International media reports, India has been reporting over 200,000 cases daily while confirming close to 16 million infections.

Maziko Matemba, who is Executive Director for the Health and Rights Education Programme (HREP), believes this is a wake-up call for Malawi to also be alert and take action to avoid importation of the virus.

The US, UK, China, Dubai, New Zealand, and Hong Kong have since banned flights from India.

The local Presidential Taskforce on Covid 19 has not yet commented on the development.

While on the related development, the government has on Friday, April 23 gazetted new Covid-19 prevention rules of which the number of public outdoor gathering has been raised from 100 to 250 people while indoors from 50 to 100.

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