A 51 year old woman Julie Loving gave birth to her granddaughter after serving as a surrogate to her daughter who had fertile problems.

The heartwarming tale made the headlines worldwide and even attracted followers to Breanna’s Instagram page, where she talks about her fertility struggles and her mom’s surrogacy.

Biological granddaughter Briar Juliette was born healthy, and while Brenna and her husband had been overjoyed, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Julie.

After the safe delivery of Briar, Julie suffered waves of heavy postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, and intense nausea for weeks.

“I think people ultimately think surrogacy postpartum is sadness because they don’t get the baby. But that couldn’t be further from the case.” Brenna said on Instagram.

In an interview with Insider, Julie shared that Briar’s birth was quite traumatic and that she hadn’t been mentally prepared for a C-section.

Fortunately, Julie had her husband help take care of her, and within four weeks, she felt much better.

At the moment, the mom-daughter are enjoying the latest addition to their family while having happy moments.

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