New United Christian University founded to fill NCHE in the market of tertiary education in Malawi to offer Bachelors of Arts in education, special needs  education , herbal medicine as well as faculties of social science.

United Christian University which was founded  in 2019 and finally registered with the Registrar General of Businesses and given a certificate.

However, the university is currently working on accreditation process and application with National Council of Higher Education [NCHE] who will evaluate it this May.

It is a private  Christian  Institution that was established by patriotic Malawians in response to call for a quality university education with Christian perspective  that is set to promote job creation.

Courses offered include the faculty of education in Bachelors of Arts in education English language , history ,geography and science and Mathematics.

The founders of Christian university are Davie Simengwa and Everlisto Msompha who have been processing paper work since 2019.

Co-founder Davie Simengwa said that they will start recruiting students in June this year.

Co-founder Evalisto Msompha said that they are motivated with higher education institutions that are widely recognized as essential and innovations needed to drive their respective national economies.

Simengwa continued to say that they were motivated to establish the university to fill  NCHE in the market of tertiary education in Malawi which is to strengthen the  linkage between universities industries through research and development activities.

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