Pastors who consistently touch their followers in the ‘healing process’, risk being jailed for 10 years or pay a fine not exceeding sh40m, this is according to the Sexual Offenses Bill, passed into law by Parliament.

The law criminalizes unwelcome touches under the guise of spiritual healing by pastors.

“Spiritual healers who extend unwanted touches to their followers especially touch of the breasts, for girls and women or when a spiritual healer touches a person in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable,” Jacob Oboth, the chairperson of Parliament’s legal and parliamentary affairs committee said.

The law which is awaiting presidential assent, also targets employers, educationists, health professionals, who make direct or indirect sexual advances or requests whether verbal or written to their employees, prospecting employees, students, patients, or other persons under their trust as a pre-condition for the grant of the required service.

The Private Members Bill is sponsored by the Ugandan Women Parliamentary Association and it was introduced by Kumi district woman MP Monica Amoding.

The law seeks to provide for extraterritorial application of the law and repeal of some provisions of the Penal Code Act cap 120 and for other related matters.

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