South African Rapper AKA (Kiernan Forbes) is still embroiled in the aftermath of the death of his fiance, Anele Tembe after footage of him allegedly breaking down a door to her room a month before her death, has come to light.

Some say this shows that he was a violent man. However, it is unclear what the circumstances were around the incident of him breaking down the door.

Tembe lost her life after she fell from the tenth floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town on Sunday, April 11. Some speculations around the cause of her death were centered around suicide.

Tembe’s father, however strongly spoke out against it being a possibility.

Meanwhile, Forbes released a statement on Twitter saying that he is “not a suspect” in the case and that he has been “nothing but a cooperative witness”.

According to a local newspaper Sunday World Publication, it has been revealed that they were a scuffle between the two love birds, just before AKA’s girlfriend alleged suicide, which has led to the police investigation.

The police officers have a number of statements from AKA, even last Thursday, April 6 they took yet another statement from AKA.

There is a video that has been seen by Sunday world where the artist is seen violently breaking the door, check the picture below for more details.

In the Video the hip-hop musician can be heard accusing his late girlfriend that she is under the influence of “drugs” he tired of her attitude. “I have a girl here who is trying to jump off the balcony he said. Tembe was laying on the floor terrified after AKA broke the door. This comes after Tembe accused the hip hop artist of being high on drugs and having a bad smell which led to a fight.

According to Sunday World, they have also seen WhatsApp where Tembe was pleading with AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes. She was seeking advice about the alleged abuse and why to next. It is still not clear whether Lynn Forbes did give feedback or not.

Early March this year AKA sent a text massage to his girlfriend’s father see picture above.

The father pleaded with AKA to stick it out with his daughter and telling him that everything will pass, things will get back to normal. Anele’s father said her daughter was a good actress when she grew up.

However, she could not allow her to go to audition as she was still way too young back then. He pleaded with AKA to find something for her so that she can showcase her talent.

When the dust has settled please find something you could do with her in the business industry. AKA text back and said thank you, father. I will ride the storm. I just hope she will come down so that we can sit down and talk about this and sort out our difference.

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