Village Headman Sawawa of Masambanjati area in Traditional Authority Nsabwe in Thyolo District has perhaps become the country’s first traditional reader to punish people for posting their sexual life on social media.

The village head has ordered Arnold Kauza aged 25 and his girlfriend Alice Kaipa aged 24, to pay a fine of k100,000.00 each or 5 goats each to their village chief for their actions.

On May 5, 2021, the two went to a secret place to have sex and while there they agreed to take pictures of their sexual organ and posted them on social media.

When the photos circulated on social media, some people reported to their parents who took the matter to the village chief.

The two youths pleaded guilty when the chief presided over the case.

Minister of Gender and community development and social welfare Patricia Kaliat has issued a stern warning against sharing nude photos on the internet saying it is punishable by law.

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