A 36-YEAR-OLD woman who grew under the care of her late mother’s relatives has demanded lobola paid to her father when she got married.

Fungai Mudadi  is at loggerheads with Farai Kambudzi, 58, who she says has to return her lobola so that she hands it over to her mother’s relatives.

Reports indicate that Kambudzi denied Mudadi’s responsibility when her late mother Jerina Mudadi conceived but later on accepted responsibility in order to receive lobola.

Mudadi’s mother passed away when she was two months old and she had to be raised by her grandmother.

She was informed that Kambudzi refused responsibility when her mother fell pregnant.

But when her boyfriend said he wanted to marry her, Mudadi had to look for her father and the only information she had was about Kambudzi.

After visiting Kambudzi and informing him about her boyfriend’s intention to marry, he took her to a family gathering where she was introduced to Kambudzi’s family.

“Convinced about this, I gave my lover the green light to pay lobola and he did that only to be phoned some months later that I was not of their blood,” said Mudadi.

Mudadi said she has been having some miscarriages and suspects that misfortunes are emanating from the paternity issues.

Mudadi said Kambudzi had received a beast from the lobola list when one of the Kambudzi family members later disclosed the doubtful paternity issue.

Kambudzi confirmed receiving lobola at his Budiriro house saying the late Mudadi’s mother had sexual intercourse with him and one of their cattle herders leaving other family members questioning fatherhood.

Mudadi family member Davison Mudadi accused Kambudzi of receiving lobola without involving them arguing that the child in question was raised in their family.

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