As one way to reduce the increase in robberies and break-ins in the district, Mangochi Police has conducted a meeting with the watchmen within the Boma.

The meeting took place Tuesday, May 11, 2021, at the police main station where 65 watchmen from various security companies, NGO’s, banks, govt offices and individual shops attended.

The team which was led by the officer-in-charge Francis Chisoti, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police, pitched into issues of prevention measures, communication skills, tools and equipment in security to shape them into vigilant and effective security personnel.

Among others, the watchmen have been encouraged to report matters on time, not to conceal information to the Police, not to leave their posts unattended, patrolling around their premises, not to eat food or drinks brought by strangers and avoid sleeping on duty.

“Security is paramount and everyone needs a secure environment to develop and according to our data, from January this year up to date, we have registered fifteen cases of robberies and break-ins.

“Two watchmen were wounded in the process. As a watchman your priority is to protect your own life, l urge you to be always vigilant and stop the tendency of guarding several shops at once because you are putting your own life at risk. In addition, you should always make sure to rest after knocking off To prepare yourself for the next session of duty, ” said Chisoti.

Speaking earlier, the Station Operations Officer, Superintendent Mphatso Njolomole, reminded the security guards to strategically position themselves, checking premises properly and do proper handovers. He also encouraged them on the need to have phone numbers of Police formations and several Police Officers to call in case of emergencies.

In his remarks, John Kasiya, from the Escom department and speaking on behalf of fellow watchmen, applauded the Police for the initiative however he outlined that low wages, late payments, lack of equipment, overworking and no contract agreements are some of the challenges the security guards are facing.

Mangochi Police Station, Deputy Publicist Amina Daudi has told MBC Online that the station has also scheduled a meeting with their employers to sensitise them on security issues.

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