The 40-year-old man who ran from the police and was arrested at Rick Ross’ house passed away while in custody.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Chaka Stewart was found lifeless in his cell last weekend at the Georgia Clayton County Jail.

Reportedly, a guard and a medic who were doing their evening shifts saw Stewart lying there unresponsive. They tried employing life-saving methods but eventually realized that he was actually dead.

Image: Stewart family

The man was pronounced dead in his cell.

An autopsy is underway but no foul play is suspected.

Rick Ross’ estate. Image: TMZ

Stewart’s mother, Jacqueline, confirmed her son is the one who was captured outside Ross’ Georgia home last week, where officers say he crashed his vehicle and had a weapon on him. Eventually, he was apprehended at gunpoint, and then an intense pursuit through the streets ensued.

Image: TMZ

She said she spoke to her son after his arrest and he told her he was being treated badly behind bars and was apparently also being beaten.

It remains unclear whether this was the doing of police officers or his cellmates. Stewart also told his mother he was not allowed to take a shower and was kept in his cell for 23 hours a day.

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