Officials from Mapeto David Whitehead and Sons who were arrested yesterday are expected to appear before court this morning.

The five top officials were arrested for tax evasion case leveled against the company.

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) arrested the five for various offences committed while discharging their duties, exercises in which money amounting to 10 billion kwacha was defrauded through taxes.

The five are: Fazial Gaffar Latif, who is the Director, Mohammed Gaffa, who serves as Managing Director as well as Abdul Rashid Bakali, who is the company’s Financial Controller, Yaseemn Muhammed, the company’s procurement officer and Martin Chapasi Mpata, who serves as General Manager.

Jai Banda, one of the lawyers representing the accused said the five will appear in court today to be formally charged.

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