A female traditional healer married to seven husbands has drawn attention as people wonder how she manages to handle all of them at the same time.

The polyandrous woman takes care of all her husbands and has even built houses for each of them.

She compares herself to Samson from the bible who never cut his hair and says her supernatural powers lie in her hair which is long to knee level and claims she can resurrect the dead saying her dead ancestors also give her power.

The idea to marry seven husbands came from “the elders” and says they are the ones who tell her which man to marry and when.

She claims not one of her husbands could ever cheat on her since she has the power to detect such before it even happens and that all her husbands never fight or feel jealous as they are loyal to her.

Also, she decides which husband to sleep with on any given day and satisfies them all equally.

Her healing powers come from the dead who speak to her in dreams and visions and she says they are the ones who told her to marry the seventh husband whom she is yet to bear a child.

So far, she has 6 children from six husbands and ready to make another baby with her latest ‘acquisition’.

Neighbors are terrified to speak to her as they fear the charms that so much make seven men fall in love with her without any qualms.

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