A Kenyan man is in distress after his wife ended their marriage of 20 years to “marry” the Holy Spirit.

Joshua Nalem from Makutano village in West Pokot County was shocked after his wife, Elizabeth Nalem, pleaded with him to let her go ahead and exchange wedding vows with the Holy Spirit on Tuesday, May 25 afternoon.

Although he was against the idea, Elizabeth was hell-bent on leaving her matrimonial home and dedicating her life to the church.

“She went to church one day and when she returned she started waking up at 3 am to go and pray. I asked her why she was braving the chilly weather just to pray, but instead, she decided to move out to a neighboring homestead,” says Joshua.

After the wedding, an elated Elizabeth said she was done with serving the world and has now changed her life to serving God.

“Today, I am one of those who have received the word of God. I have faced difficulties, and it made me look for God,” Elizabeth says, adding that she had even closed her businesses.

A distraught Joshua says that he paid twenty-two (22) cattle and 15 goats for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage.

Their firstborn, he says, just completed Form Four the other day.

When asked by journalists whether he will continue living with his ‘estranged’ wife, Joshua said that he was kept in the dark during the whole process.

Although he says that he still loves Elizabeth, Joshua insists that he does not know the next course of action.

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