Ten people suspected to have torched (United Transformation Movement (UTM) Party offices in Lilongwe have pleaded not guilty to six charges levelled against them in the High Court.

The ten suspects, are among 13 who are accused of murder, attempted murder and arson.

Among the ten who have taken plea today, is former United Democratic Front (UDF) Publicity Secretary Ken Ndanga,

Judge Annabel Mtalimanja has since issued a warrant of arrest for three accused persons in the case who are currently at large.

While the state has pointed out that it is ready with 6 witnesses, trial is slated for the 19 to 21 July 2021.

One of the defense lawyers, Oscar Taulo, has since stopped representing one of accused persons, George Mang’anda, who is at large.

Three family members are known to have died in a fire that gutted the UTM offices in Area 24 while 6 others were severely injured.


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