The country’s President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, took his time on Sunday to preach to Malawians to disregard misinformation, disinformation and negative propaganda surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine, saying such information is there to cause panic and create fear.

The President made the remarks on Sunday when he congregated at Kafita CCAP Church at Area 23 in Lilongwe.

Since the country started administering the Oxford AstraZeneca, there has been slow uptake due to myths and misconceptions which led to the expiration of nearly 20, 000 doses which were recently burned.

“The vaccine is not about the 666 mark of the beast in the Book of Revelation. No, it is about saving lives and serving God with that life while we are healthy,“That’s why I appeal to you not to listen to misinformation of some people who would like you to do something when they themselves won’t do it. As we believe in God, let us prevent the disease,” the President said.

CCAP Nkhoma Synod Vice-Moderator, Phillip Kambulire, expressed appreciation for the State President’s gesture to choose to worship with the CCAP and the president has a huge task to perform, hence the need for the faithful from all the denominations to pray for him so that he succeeds in his duty.

The President gave a K1 million donation that would go towards purchasing the church’s equipment.

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