Investigators said on Tuesday that a boy in France was caught after slashing his father to death and then posting photographs of the murder scene online.

Prosecutor Francois Touron said in a statement that the 17-year-old in Ploeren, a hamlet of roughly 6,000 people in northeastern Brittany, called police late Saturday to tell “he had just stabbed his father to death in the family house.”

When police arrived, they discovered the dead man’s body, which had many knife wounds, and detained the son, who had been drinking heavily.

But, according to Touron, the young man had already shared a video of the incident to roughly 40 others on social media.

The film was promptly taken down, and a psychological care unit was established to assist the beneficiaries and their parents with any trauma caused by witnessing the graphic tape.

According to investigators, after drinking at a party, the adolescent went to his father’s house, where he had been living alone for weeks since his wife and two children had left.

According to the prosecutor, he let himself in, took two knives from the kitchen, woke up his father in the bedroom, and stabbed him.

The young man told police he wanted to put an end to his father’s violent behavior, which he said was fueled by drinking and had caused the family a lot of pain.

The boy’s mother filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband last month, prompting officials to launch an inquiry.

She then took the couple’s two children and departed the family home.

The adolescent was charged with voluntary manslaughter and the publication of photos related to a crime involving bodily injury by an investigating magistrate late Monday.

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