KFC restaurant employee Adil Patel is seeking an outside court settlement in a case where he is accused of assaulting a female security guard at the company’s City Mall premises in Lilongwe.

He is said to have committed the crime on June 5, 2021 and the video of the incident was widely shared on social media, which attracted mixed reactions from the public.

Patel appeared before the Senior Resident Magistrate court yesterday and pleaded not guilty to the offence of common assault.

He has since been granted bail.

Senior Resident Magistrate Wanangwa Nyirenda has allowed the State to discuss with the complainant within ten days, on whether or not she wants the matter to be resolved out of court.

But one of the right activists, Jessie Kabwila has trashed the calls by Patel.

Kabwila said it is surprising that the accused has denied the charges and yet is seeking outside court settlements.

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