A 9-year-old Grade 3 learner from Zimbabwe is set to undergo facial reconstruction in South Africa after he was mauled by a furious hyena at a night church service.

The incident reportedly occurred on May, 7.

After the incident happened, the boy was taken to the Parirenyatwa Hospital Group for specialist treatment.

On Wednesday, June 9, the hospital group announced that Rodwell Ngomazana’s life was now out of danger but he requires facial reconstruction surgery, which is expected to take place in South Africa.

The Parirenyatwa Hospital Group said Rodwell suffered severe facial injuries and disfigurement after the hyena attack.

According to the hospital, Rodwell is resuming his lessons, can read, write and entertain himself by playing games on his phone. A specialist team of paediatricians, general surgeons, plastic surgeons, nurses and more, treated him.

“Some well-wishers have now offered to airlift the child to South Africa for the required facial reconstruction and rehabilitation,” said the hospital.

Rodwell is currently being treated by Dr Manana – a consultant Specialist maxillofacial surgeon and the hospital claims it is more than capable of performing the required surgery but will respect the wishes of the parents.

“While the parents and the well-wishers acknowledge the expertise within our hospital to carry out the facial reconstruction, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals respects their wish to have the procedure done in South Africa,” said the statement.

According to local media reports, Rodwell was sleeping with other children during the night church service when he was attacked by the hyena.

The mauling left him with one eye and significant injuries to his upper lip, nose and both cheeks.

Rodwell’s mother, Charity Mabika, from Rusakaniko village in Benzi, appealed to the public for assistance to help pay for the medical expenses.

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