T-Pain recently sat down for an interview with the 85 South Show where he detailed the one time that Nicki Minaj had him in his feelings.

Back in 2007 when Nicki’s buzz with strictly on an underground level, T-Pain said that he tried to reach out to her in an attempt to lock her down in the studio.

However, it seemed that Nicki was too focused on her solo material at the time to work with the multi-platinum singer. “We was about to work together and she stopped responding and I was like, ‘Nick, let me know what’s going on,'” he recounted. “She was like, ‘Hey, I’m an artist too and I’m working on my shit so ya know. Baby, chill.’ And I was like, ‘Oh… My heart.'”

He joked that he may have been in love with Nicki at the time but in actuality, he explained that Nicki’s quick curve wasn’t anything malicious.

Nicki caught wind of Pain’s comments and quickly offered an apology to Pain. Though she didn’t remember the actual exchange, she said that it did sound like something that she would’ve said.

“Omg what was I thinking? He was already a rlly big artist. I was still underground. Chileeee I used to b buggin yo,” she wrote, admitting that she already felt the weight of everyone’s expectations of her. “My bad babe, all love. I have nthn but respect for your talent and thank you & Kanye for clearing ‘Go Hard’ for Beam Me Up Scotty last month.”

Nicki expressed her adoration for Pain on that record in particular. “Listening to you over & over on that record taught me [so much] about harmonies & background vocals,” she continued. “Your vocals on that song alone are GOATED FOR LIFE. I listened to every single detail @tpain.”

Perhaps, the Nicki Minaj x T-Pain collaboration will soon come into fruition.

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