Police in Kenya have launched a manhunt for the man suspected to have stabbed a 19-year-old University student on Monday night.

Celestine Muthengei, a second-year student pursuing Community Development at Mount Kenya University was attacked by the alleged jilted boyfriend at around 8pm while in her hostel room.

A police report seen by K24 Digital indicated that the suspected male adult stabbed Muthengei in the chest, on her back, head and limbs.

She succumbed to the grave injuries upon arrival at a local Hospital.

The assailant, who is still at large, is reported to have been wearing a grey jacket, a cap and a mask at the time he executed the heinous crime.

According to her roommates, the man entered their hostel room as they were relaxing after having supper.

“He entered our room and calmly asked where the deceased was. He looked and acted polite and none of us could suspect he could be having an ill motive. In fact, some of us thought he was a classmate to the deceased,” said one of the deceased’s roommates who sought anonymity.

According to the roommates, the attacker could have been looking for her for some time as he immediately asked “you thought I could no longer find you. You have been cheating on me” before he drew a knife from pocket and started piercing her mindlessly.

The roommates said on noticing the turn of events, they started screaming for help in futility as the alleged assaulter had locked the door from inside.

They said the alleged killer who seemed unmoved by their distress screams only left her after he realized Muthengei was bleeding profusely.

“We are very lucky he did not turn the knife to us. After stabbing our friend and roommate thoughtlessly, he opened the door and vanished into the dark,” said another shivering roommate.

Interestingly, the distraught roommates revealed they knew Muthengei’s boyfriend stating that he was not the one who attacked her and the attacker was new to them.

They described Muthengei as a modest, delightful and caring girl who was keen on excelling in her academia.

The four roommates who were in the room when their friend was being knifed called on relevant investigative details to speed up investigations to apprehend the ‘assassin’.

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