Madalitso Band which is set to tour France is expected to miss four of its early concerts on its itinerary .

The Lilongwe –based group the duo of Yobu Maligwa and Yosefe Kalekeni has failed to get passports on time from South Africa where their visas were issued.

The group’s co-manager Neil Nayar said on Tuesday that they would miss the first four shows as they had not yet received their passports as we went to press Tuesday.

‘’We should be getting the passport anytime because they are on the way,’’ Nayar said.

He said they are sure that they will be leaving on Wednesday or Thursday.

He added that the first two shows are big ones while the other two are smaller gigs.

‘’ This will be because when we get to France , we will be quarantined but we are not worried because more shows are being added to the itinerary,’’ Nayar said.

The group has over 30 Shows lined up for them in France and are expected back on August 10 2021.

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