A 12-year-old Indian student created a JavaScript-based web component that instantly identifies when a person leaves their computer and immediately alerts the classroom supervisor of the incident.

Aarush Rajani, conceived the technology when approached by his middle school science head of the department “to enhance the reliability of the online examination process by creating an anti-cheating mechanism to help the invigilators.”

The move follows a global shift to online education, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Educators at Delhi Private School Sharjah (DPS Sharjah) hope the data obtained by this approach can assist examiners in determining the cheating patterns used by pupils.

“They were trying their best to find a loophole in my code, but the web code worked in all scenarios,” said Aarush.

“With this capability, invigilators can now assess larger patterns that can help identify, warn repeat offenders and, in the long run, reduce the incidence of such events,” he added.

Despite numerous attempts, the school’s IT team failed to crack through Aarush’s system trying everything from shifting windows to opening new tabs & using shortcuts.

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