A court in Zambia has ordered a polygamous man David Mwamba to spend three days with his first wife and two day with his second wife after the wives fight over him.

Charity Mundia, the first wife, filed a complaint that Mwamba is spending much of his time at at his second wife house leaving her alone and cold in her bed.

She added that whilst she did not object to Mwamba converting having a second wife if he so wished, the same should not be at the cost of her being denied a share of her husband’s pleasure provision rota.

Meanwhile, Mwamba in explaining his decision to only bruise his knees and elbows at his second wife’s home said that his senior wife Charity had formed a bond with beer which led her to insult whenever she was drunk and that he was averse to noise hence opting to fire his weapon at the younger woman who did not nag him.

However, in making ruling, Magistrate Mildred Namwizye directed Mwamba to dedicate three days to pleasure his first wife and two days with his second wife and use the remaining two days to replenish his energy for the following week’s action.

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