At least 17 ministers missed the swearing-in ceremony at the Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala on Monday.

Seventeen ministers missed the swearing-in ceremony at the Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala on Monday.
Most of the ministers didn’t show up because they got in contact with people who tested positive for Covid-19.

Others, including the former Speaker of Parliament, Ms Rebecca Kadaga, the First Deputy Prime Minister and minister for East African Affairs, missed without clear explanation.
Ms Kadaga, however, took office yesterday. Daily Monitor was unable to establish why Ms Kadaga took office yet she didn’t show up at the swearing- in ceremony.

Other ministers who missed the ceremony include Dr Mary Gorreti Kitutu, the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, and Ms Judith Nabakooba, the Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development.
All ministers are required to take oath before they assume offices.
On Saturday, the ministers, family members and drivers underwent a mandatory Covid test at Kololo Independence Grounds.

The results were not disclosed to the public, and some didn’t show up at the ceremony. Others were not tested.
Some ministers admitted that some people close to them had tested positive and were in self-isolation for 14 days as the rules require. Those who missed the ceremony will took oath at a later date.

‚ÄúOne of my contacts tested positive and protocol demands that when someone comes in contact with a positive person, stay in isolation for two weeks,‚ÄĚ Mr Kiryowa Kiwanuka, the Attorney General designate, told Daily Monitor yesterday.

This newspaper has also established that Water and Environment minister Sam Cheptoris did not attend the event because his driver had tested positive for Covid-19 one month ago.

However, the minister asked the driver to test again before he could chauffeur him to the ceremonial grounds but the results returned positive.
The ministers were asked to stay away for the next two weeks.
This was the same case with Ms Margret Muhanga, State Minister Health in Charge of General Duties, who skipped the ceremony because her driver had tested positive.

‚ÄúI‚Äôm not unwell because I tested negative. Even my driver who tested positive had been fully vaccinated as if fine. I just have to isolate in order not to expose others,‚ÄĚ Ms Muhanga tweeted on Monday.

Hours to the start of the ceremony, Ms Milly Babalanda, the Minister for Presidency, in a statement also indicated that she had been in contact with a Covid-19 person.

However, the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr Monica Musenero, could not attend the function after losing her mother, Eunice Logose Shaine to asthma-related complications at Lefelink Hospital in Kampala .
‚ÄúI lost my mother yesterday [Monday morning] at 2am as we were preparing to go for the swearing in. So I could not show up and so I requested for a postponement,‚ÄĚ Dr Musenero said.

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs in charge of International Duties, Mr Hilary Oryem, was locked out because he missed the Covid test.
‚ÄúEven last time [in 2016] I missed out on the swearing-in because I was on mission abroad, and it is nothing new to me,‚ÄĚ Mr Oryem said.
He added: ‚ÄúBecause of the nature of my job, I was out of the country so by the time I landed on Sunday, the Covid tests had already been done Saturday.‚ÄĚ

Mr Muruli Mukasa, the Minister for Public Service designate, and Mr John Mulimba, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs (regional) designate, missed the vetting session last week because they were indisposed.  Other two positions; the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the State Minister for Luweero Triangle and Rwenzori Region are still vacant.

The Parliament Appointments Committee rejected Ms Alice Kabooyo as State Minister for Luweero, after being convicted by the Anti-Corruption Court in the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunisation (GAVI) case in 2012.
The Secretary to Cabinet is expected to communicate a date on which the other ministers will be sworn-in.

Ministers who missed swearing-in ceremony

Name                               Position

Ms Rebecca Kadaga    First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Affairs
Mr Kiryowa Kwanuka    Attorney General
Dr Monica Musenero    Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation
Dr Mary Gorreti Kitutu    minister for Karamoja Affairs
Ms Judith Nabakooba    minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development
Mr Muruli Mukasa    minister for Public Service (not vetted)
Ms Evelyn Anite    state minister for Investment and  Privatisation
Ms Milly Babalanda    minister for Presidency
Mr Henry Oryem    state minister for Foreign Affairs (international Affairs)
Mr John Mulimba    Foreign Affairs (regional) (not vetted)
Mr Fred Bwiino Kyakulaga    state minister for Agriculture
Mr Sam Cheptoris    Water and environment
Ms Margret Muhanga     state minister for primary healthcare
Ms Alice Kabooyo    Luweero Triangle and Rwenzori Region (rejected)
Mr Hilary Onek    Disaster Preparedness and Refugees
Mr Huda Oleru    state minister for Veteran Affairs
Vacant post     Minister Justice and Constitutional Affairs

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