Police at Namwera Police Post in Mangochi district have arrested five men suspected of committing Burglary and Theft offenses, the law enforcers have since recovered stolen items worth K1.5 million.

Mangochi Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Sub Inspector Amina Tepani Daudi has confirmed the news saying the police arrested the robbers in the wee hours of Wednesday.

According to records at Mangochi Police, the suspects are linked to a spate of serious crimes recorded within Namwera and Katuli areas from September last year to April this year.

During the said period, a number of houses were broken into including a house of Reverend Father Will Madi of Namwera Anglican Church.

Namwera Police detectives initiated investigations which led to the arrest of the key suspect James Gunde, 21, who revealed to have been operating with eight others.

The same night Police arrested four of Gunde’s accomplices and managed to recover some of the stolen property in Katuli.

The recovered items include 2 Plasma TVs, 78 pieces of zitenje, Genset, mountain bike, hotplate, 3 cellphones, 5 cellphone batteries, amplifier, and DVD among others.

However, some of the recovered items have been identified by owners and Police are still hunting for the remaining accomplices and also to recover property of which Gunde revealed that they export to Mozambique.

The suspects will appear before court soon to answer various charges.

All five suspects hail from traditional authority Katuli in Mangochi.

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