Keeping your feline pets happy should not end with providing them food and shelter. As a pet owner, you should also consider their other needs. You must understand that the structure of your home has a direct effect on your cats’ health and development. Building a “purrfect” living space is what you need to do if you want to make your cats happy. And that may mean putting up cat shelves inside your home.

Cats Need Space for Playtime

There are several ways of providing your cat with elevated spacethe most popular one is buying a cat tree. Provided you have ample room to keep them, a cat tree can add to the design of your living space and serve as a unique cat terrarium. This can be the fastest and easiest way. But cat trees are pretty expensive and at times may occupy a considerable space at home. The worst-case scenario is when you buy a tree that your cat may not be interested in. The most modern way of providing cats the elevated space they need is to purchase and easily install cat shelves on your wall.  

Please take note that experts believe that a cat has to have a vertical space for them. And cats love vertical spaces because:

  • Cats like to go up to higher places when they feel stressed.
  • Cats like to watch their world from an elevated space.
  • Elevated spaces are part of their play area and provide them the passive exercise they need.
  • Elevated areas also provide them escape routes whenever they feel threatened.

The Pros of Having Cat Shelves

Here are just some of the advantages when you acquire cat shelves.


Most modern shelves are unique and stylish. They can add a contemporary design to your wall once installed. Just make sure the design of your cat shelf jives with the rest of the room. On top of that, an elevated shelf will give your cat a comfortable space to lie on.

Reliable and Heavy-duty

Most of the cat shelves in the market are made of strong materials that can last for an extended period of time. Choosing the right one will also provide you enough space for your heavy feline.  


Most of the cat shelves available are easy to assemble yet provide ample space for cats to climb in and out of them. There should also be enough space for scratching.

Can be Converted as Sleeping Space for Cats 

Cats love to change sleeping spaces so a wall-mounted cat shelf can also be an alternative spot for a cat nap.

The Cons of Having Cat Shelves

There are also a few disadvantages when you acquire wall-mounted cat shelves, such as the following.

May Not Be Able to Hold the Weight of Bigger Cats 

Owning a large breed of cat may be a challenge because of their weight, and sizes. This may be beyond the capacity of most of the wall-mounted cat shelves. As such, the pet owner needs to check the maximum weight capacity of the shelf before buying it.

Capacity to Handle Scratching 

Cats love scratching, which means having carpet-covered shelves might pose a challenge. The cats might tear out carpets easily. Study the material used for the shelving, so you have an idea of the suitable surface of your cat shelves.

You Always Have to Make Sure That It Is Secure

While shelves in the market may look pretty and easy to install, the pet owner still needs to take care in wall-mounting each shelf. It has to be properly installed to avoid possible collapse once your cat jumps on it.


This depends on the brand that you choose. But buying cat wall shelves can be quite expensive for others. It’s important to know the price ranges so it wouldn’t shock you when you start shopping.

Things to Remember When Buying Cat Shelves

 Once you have studied and accepted the possible problems in buying cat shelves, the next step is to look for the best shelf for your feline pet. Here are some pointers when buying your cat wall mounted shelf:

  1. The shelves need to be able to hold your cat and stay firmly attached to the wall. Stability is crucial in convincing the cat to use the shelves. When it’s wobbly, cats will not use it.
  2. When constructed outside of the house it is essential to choose a shelf that can withstand all kinds of weather. Choose solid wood or steel shelves because they don’t weather as easily.
  3. Brackets that hold the shelves into place should also be sturdy enough to accommodate jumping behavior, especially considering your cat’s weight.
  4. Look for a shelf that has an anti-slip feature and removable, replaceable carpet or cushion features.     
  5. Study about how the shelf should be cleaned so it can last longer.
  6. Measure the space allocated for the shelves and study whether the design will go well with your house design.
  7. Study the placement of the shelves to suit the size of your cat. It should not be too high for you to reach the cat. Individual shelves should not be placed too far apart because it might be difficult for your cat to jump from shelf to shelf.
  8. Choose a space with a relatively good view of the whole house because your cat will usually want to look at its domain in an elevated space. Corners can also work for cats, so place the shelves in two intersecting walls.
  9. The shelf should measure around 20 to 50cm or “7.8″ to “19.6” inches deep to provide ample space for your cats.
  10. Mount the shelf in the structural part and not the drywall of the house. Mounting the shelves in drywall can cause them to be easily ripped off.

Your Cats Will Love Having Their Own Playtime Space

Now that you know all these, it will be much easier to create a cat-safe vertical space within your home. Remember, a good vertical space for your feline can contribute a lot to keeping all your cats healthy, happy, and purrfectly comfortable. That means you will have peace of mind about your cats’ overall welfare on a daily basis.

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