As part of implementing a ban on production and distribution of thin plastics, the Department of Environmental Affairs is confiscating and issuing fines to manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of thin plastics.
In Lilongwe, the department has since issued a fine of about K8 million to two thin plastics distributors at Bwalo la Njobvu.
Malawi’s ban on thin plastics, recently upheld by the courts, continues to earn the country praise from world environmental and conservation experts.
The court’s decision makes the production of thin plastics under 60 microns in thickness illegal immediately.
Manufacturers who violate the ban can face fines, closure of factories, and seizure of prohibited products.
The ban, which was originally instated in 2015 was being appealed by the plastics industry in part on the grounds that they were not properly consulted on the implications of the ban and the harm it would do to their businesses.
However, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, agreeing with the Government’s position that plastics manufacturers had been given sufficient warning and time to prepare for the halt on thin plastics production.
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