High Court Judge Dorothy de Gabrielle has adjourned a case in which 13 police officers are accused of murdering Buleya Lule to August 17, 2021.

Lule was being suspected of murdering a boy with albinism when he was found dead in Police custody.

Since Tuesday, High Court has been hearing from the police officers.
On Wednesday, the first to give her testimony was Police Prosecutor Cecilia Zangazanga.

She said she was at Central Region Police Headquarters in Lilongwe when the incident occurred.

Among other things, Zangazanga told the court that she saw a group of Police officers in an office where one of the suspects, Evalista Chisale, was interviewing Lule.

She said at the time of his interrogation, Lule was handcuffed at the back and that he denied having taken part in the abduction of the boy with albinism.

The following day in court, she added, Lule asked for permission from Magistrate Viva Nyimba to seat down.

Meanwhile, a second witness of the three which the state is expected to parade today has given his testimony. He is Kondwani Chimaliro. Chimaliro was a court clerk in a case of The Republic Vs Buleya Lule on 20th February 2019.

He has alleged during a reading of his charge by Magistrate Nyimba then, Lule looked weak, sick and exhausted.

According to Chimaliro, Lule’s charge was read for up to 3 times and that the suspect kept on saying he could not get the contents of the charge well.


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