He is being called ‘Ghana’s King Solomon’. Believed to be having Ghana’s largest family — 47 wives with around 240 children — the man, simply identified as Nana, has even lost count of the exact number of children he has largely because the family does not count female children.

He is a chief in Tenzuku, a village near Talensi in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It takes not less than 13 hours to arrive in the village from the capital, Accra, according to Kofi Adomah, a journalist who spoke with the man about his huge family size.

Right after Adomah and his Kofi TV crew arrived at the village, a man believed to be the village town crier climbed atop one of the houses to announce their presence, calling on everyone to come out and meet them. A man in the village who spoke on behalf of the chief told Adomah that the chief has about 47 wives. The wives have collectively given birth to around 240 children, he said, explaining that the female children are not counted because once they get married, they leave to be with their husbands.

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